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Welcome to Worldwide Vision Business Solutions

Our goal is to solve the problems that companies face in their day to day and that compromise future results. From the high-level strategy to plant level.

About us

The most important thing of an organization is the team and that is why we have consolidated over the years a group of engineers and technicians able to contribute all their experience and transform it into added value for their clients.

Our mission

Transmit our knowledge about the furniture, wood and habitat sector. Apply our capabilities to get more benefit and added value to our customers.

Our services

Strategic planning

We apply a systematic process of development and implementation of plans with the client, to achieve purposes and objectives. We use strategic planning to provide general management, financial strategies, development of human or organizational resources, information technology, industrial and marketing, among others.


We develop and propose alternative industrial solutions and production plants adapted to the needs of customers, for the manufacture of the products that the market wants. We study the flows and information required for each industrial need.


We work for the constant reduction of the costs of raw materials and those of transformation. We seek to have inventory volumes based on sales projections and generate good profit margins on capital employed. We apply "Lean" methodologies for waste reduction. We avoid overproduction, we maximize activities that add value, we increase productivity and we improve quality.

ICT and Training

We plan and manage the infrastructure of the Information and Communication Technologies of the client. It is a complex work that requires a very solid base and the application of the concepts of areas such as computer science and information systems. It also allows us to carry out a broad offer for management and training in new skills of staff.


We analyze all internal and external flows to guarantee optimal solutions in the supply and service of materials. Based on internal logistics studies, we evaluate handling, transfer between warehouses and handling equipment. We help you in the valuation of logistics outsourcing and in the best solutions for dispatch of materials.

Our advantages

30 years of experience

We have been supporting and collaborating with companies in the wood and furniture sector for more than 30 years around the world. Our ability to solve problems is also based on the experience accumulated in cases resolved over the years by our team.

More than 50 successful projects

What it means to have so many successful cases all over the world, is the sum of knowledge applied individually. No two factories are the same and consequently there are not two equal solutions either. It is not possible to give a standardized solution to apply in all factories. That is why, for each project is a challenge and its resolution a shared triumph..

Build growing and prosperous business relationships

We have built and helped to build relationships among our clients that have allowed them to grow in prosperity and in continuous improvement.

Provide them with productive means and organization

Many of these relationships have been based on facilities and productive means that should be used for business success. We are specialists in the wood and furniture sector globally.

How we work

Why do our clients choose us?

Our projects

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Diagnostic Basic Industrial

Focused to give a status of the real situation.

  • Industrial Analysis
  • Facilities evaluation
  • Means evaluations
  • Technical assessment
  • Economic valuation
  • Improvement plan

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