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In WVBS we support you to:

  • Analyze what material and human resources does your organization.

  • Define manufacturing products and services valued by customers.

  • Optimize manufacturing processes to shorten periods and reduce errors.

  • Reduce costs.

  • Measure results.


The best strategy for the future shows up after knowing how to manage the present.

Competitive strategy.

In WVBS we help the industries to define new products and services valued by customers. We also analyze the material and human resources at their disposal , and we help to identify and manage those that may be strategic for the organization.

Marketing & sales

  • Business models.
  • Market creations.
  • New distribution channels.
  • Communication and advertising.
  • Using internet for sales promotions.
  • Comercial department's organization.

Product development

In WVBS we assist companies with products creation. We also give support with the phases of idea creation, evaluation, concept testing , product development , market research and launch.
We help out with the resolution of problems arising from product design to production creation.


The greatest progress in the industry is handing technology to everyone.

Factory projects

We support with developing solutions economically viable and introducing modern manufacturing techniques. We adapt existing production structures to new market requirements ( delivery time , price, quality ) , making it flexible , rational and having adequate organization.

Material logistics

From WVBS we help with planning and control of the flow and storage of raw materials , semi-finished and finished products, and associated information for:

  • Reduce immobilized materials.
  • Decrease crossing time.
  • Optimize shopping.

Quality and environment

We define processes of a quality system as a tool that allows a constant and continuous improvement for the organization.
We advise on compliance with environmental legislation and the integration of the environment into company strategy.


Choose your way. Be different or cheaper.

Assistance for industry to create
+ value  with - resources.

In WVBS we join the implementation of cost control methodologies based on the analysis of activities. We help reduce costs and increase productivity through the optimization of activities and processes.

We promote the use of financial and non-financial indicators , supported by the methodology of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) , helping us to put efforts on creating value in the medium and long term.

TIC & training

Where's the 'ANY' key? Homer Simpson against a message 'press any key'

Information technology

We choose and implement software for managing all business processes (ERP) , including the management of customer relationships (CRM), production management (MRP) , and analysis of information (BI) . We implement e-commerce solutions aswell.


  • Seminars and customized courses.
  • ICT use within the industrial sector.
  • Environmental management.
  • Logistics and manufacturing.
  • Control and cost reduction.


The greatest progress in the industry is handing technology to everyone.

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